Gah.. im done -w-;;

Im still feeling high now... gosh how I wish I could turn back time TTvTT

Btw YESUNG LOOKED SO HOT AND ADORABLE LIKE A DOLL (I COULDNT HELP BUT STARE ON HIS SEXY BUTT) They're no different from the videos I've watched... (and fortunately yesung's bulge didn't appeared there like usual)


I didn't bring my digital camera because of some asshole staffs lied to us that there will be a scanner *BUT HELL YEAH THERE WASNT ANY SCANNER. IF I KNOW THEN I WOULD HIDE IT IN MY BRA LIKE OTHERS. I feel I should sue them..*

SO THERE 'S NO FANCAM :( (I would wait and see the internet if there's a news abt murdered pple after i post this)

But after all i wanna thank my dad for allowing me to watch them.. :) (and so i ditched 3 days of school) because Jan 25th is my bday ^w^ (so SJ guys are my gift *slapped*)

I hope I will watch SS4 with kangin and kibum~~ and hopefully, with hankyung there too TuT

ALMOST FORGOTTEN~ EUNHYUK SPLASHED ME WHILE PERFORMANCE AND I GOT THE TOWEL THAT HAVE BEEN STEPPED ON BY THE SUJU GUYS AND THROWED BY SHINDONG~ :D (obviously imnot too happy with the towel.. but it's better than nothing right? after all it's SUJU xD)



things i hate about my little cousin... =_="

Okay,, so now I'm staying at my grandparents' house...
My auntie stays here too,, so she brought her children...
And I think her youngest son will kill me!!! ><
Everytime he keeps whining and crying!!
I thought I'm almost go deaf... -.-
I'm scared to scold him, it'll probably makes him cry even louder!!
He broke things in the house too!! I can't understand why does he whines n cries like that!!
Huhh, finally....
His mom scolded him... Pheww...
He stopped for now....
I must calming myself.. I might kick his ass if I keep hearing those whines...
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What If...

"Mwo...?" I open my eyes a bit, there's Hankyung.
"Let's go."
Oh, I almost fall asleep. We have to go to the stage now.
"Oh, sure. Thanks for wake me up."
Then he smile and wiped my saliva on my cheek. I giggle in embarassment.
-End of Flashback-

That's one month ago.

Our dorm is in silence. I don't know if everything will be turn out like this.
I grab my headphone and start to listen some musics. I feel my room become wider now. Because he has gone.
I feel blank.
I'm not crying right now, I swear.
I just feel nothing.
I'm bored. I go to the living room and see everyone staring at me, sadly.
"...Uh... Heechul-hyung...." Ryeowook mentioned my name, but before he can finish his sentence, he cries softly. Huh, babo kid! I don't understand why he's crying like that.... Before I go insane like him, I must go back to my room.
When I'm reading a book, Leeteuk-hyung come into my room.
"Teuk-hyung, why didn't you knock the door first?"
"Mian, I...."
He stayed still while having runny nose.
"Chullie.... Look at your reflection...."
I look at the mirror and find there's a man with swollen eyes and runny nose, even the nose and his eyes are much redder than Leeteuk-sshi.
"That's you Chul-ah...."
Huh? Me?
No.... He knows....
"Why can't you just forget about it?!"
"About what?!"
I slapped him although he's my hyung. Because I don't want to remember about him anymore. It'll increase the pain in me.
"Get out of my room. NOW."
Then he walk out and close the door with a loud 'bang!' while crying.
I walk to my bed then check my twitter. Just a minute later, my phone rings. I just ignore it until I can't hold it....
"HEYY WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM, HUH?? You disturb my time!!!!"
"Chul-ah? It's me..."
I froze... It's him.
"Mianhae.... I.... don't mean to leave you..."
So why you leave me?
"I hope you're alright..."
I'm not.
"I'm at the airport right now...."
It's no use to let me know.
"Umm... I have to go... The plane will boarding soon...."
.......You can't.....
"Bye, Chullie."
"NOOOOOOO....." I scream while he cuts off the call.

Everytime I keep thinking, 'What if I can't see him anymore?' 'Will he come back?'
Someone knocked my door.
"Come in."
Leeteuk-hyung.... He's....
He sits on the edge of my bed. I realized that he made a bowl of porridge.
"Open your mouth, Chullie. You haven't eat for 2 days."
I shocked.
Then I cry quietly with him on his shoulder.
"I'll always be next to you, Chullie.."
"Thanks Umma."
He wiped his tears and mine. Then I open my mouth... Filling myself with tears flavoured porridge. Right. I still have him and my dongsaengs to live with....

-A day after-

I write something to Geng-ah....
'Han... How's life?
Is it nice?
Wake up now sleepy head, it's already 11 p.m.!
If you have time, come here to spend your vacation! (^w^)/'
I never forget to write 'if u have time, come here' everytime I sent him a message.
'I have to go to work now. I'll keep up the spirit!! Hwaiting!!'
In my heart I feel sore.... But I have to get up. From my deepest misery.
I smile while pressing the 'send' button.
'I love you Geng-ah... I'll wait... <3<3'
-The message have successfully sent-

my first entry.. ^^

okay... so here i am on livejournal.....
i hve stalking some pple's lj...n it's qite interesting.. ^^ so i make one....

anyway, yesterday i watched korea republic vs argentine match....
im on korea republic's side... :D
but they lose.... so i cant sleep well last night...
and this morning my mum even splashed water on my face...=.=
like suju oppas' game... kekekekeke~~~

i swore.... =3=
not to my mum.. ^^ but argentine....
cos they caused this... >.<
eventhough korea rep lose, i still support them...
daehanminguk hwaitiiiinngg~~~ ><
hufft.... i must go now....

c.u... :)
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